School Routine and Activities

Free play: Children arrive and are supervised while they play freely. All ages play together. This allows each to learn how to interact in his/her own way.

Singing : A fun way of learning a language and speech enhancing each child's participation in the group. All ages sing together.

Sand time: Children play with sand and often role-play family situations. They "cook" in the kitchen, share toys and play together. Classes take turns in the sand area.

Painting and arts: Children love to spread paint on paper and their skin! Children learn how to use glue, scissors and other art material. This promotes creativity and coordination.

Play-dough: Develops fine motor skills.

Puzzle time: Children love the challenge of a puzzle, and also learn how to work as a group when building a big floor puzzle.

Flashcards: Children look at pictures and learn vocabulary, counting and letters.

And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.
(Isaiah 54:13)

Story time: Children are encouraged to sit and listen to a story then re-tell it in their own words, activating concentration and self-expression. They also love choosing a book to look at quietly by themselves or with their friends.

Grass : Children play with balls, cars, and on the slide. They also learn how to play games with rules like "red and green", "Duck, duck, goose" and many others.

Work time: Older children learn how to sit at a table and learn age appropriate skills.

Project work: All project work is based on Bible stories. Children learn Bible stories in an enjoyable way.

Snack : Children love this!!

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School Fees
The school offers parents the flexibility of sending their children to school every day of the week or as many days as they wish or need: two, three or four.

Fees are charged in relation to the quantity of days the child attends school.

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